Safeguarding the Planet

As global citizens, we at Acer believe it is our responsibility to protect the environment.

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Since the Industrial Revolution, our environment has been heavily impacted by uncontrolled human consumption. We consider the environmental impacts of our products every step of the way, ensuring they are not just innovative but also eco-friendly.

Acer has been working to keep resources in use for as long as possible by implementing the concept of a circular economy. This includes improving the energy efficiency of our products and using recycled materials. From the planning phase to final production, we have continuously evaluated the environmental impact of our products and taken stringent measures to ensure they are eco-conscious, from material sourcing to product design.

We have created products that are not only safe for you, but also kinder to the environment because we care about you and the beautiful planet we live in.

Green Product Life Cycle Management

We consider waste and energy usage in the manufacture of our products. We have reduced the pollutants and hazardous substances that go into our products, while ensuring they are easy to recycle. We have worked with our suppliers to establish a green supply chain that is in line with international environmental practices. Which ones?

Eco-Conscious Packaging Design

By examining the life cycle of our packaging and evaluating its environmental impact at every stage, from initial R&D and selection of materials to eventual waste processing, we have reduced volume and weight through simplified packaging, unified dimensions, and minimal printing—helping reduce fuel consumption involved in transportation. In 2017, approximately 60,000 desktops were shipped with the reduced-volume packaging and boxes.  

We have carefully considered the materials used in our packaging. In 2017, 96 percent of laptop shipments packaging materials were made by 100 percent recycled paper pulp. Today, all of the product posters are made with Forest Stewardship Council certified paper, and all printing uses environmentally friendly water-based and soy inks.

Advancing Sustainable Product Design

Acer has carefully managed raw materials to protect the health and safety of users, and to reduce potential environmental risks. We have aimed to reduce the usage of harmful materials through various ways:  

We include a disclosure of acid substances use in our vendor CSR scorecard, encouraging vendors to prioritize the use of phthalate-free materials and promoting the elimination of phthalates from our products. We have been developing products that are free of chemical compounds like brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chlorides (PVCs). We have used recycled plastics in display units and all-in-one computers. We plan to introduce more PCs and gadgets that use post-consumer recycled plastics.

Green Product Life Cycle Management

Packaging Design

Advancing Sustainable Product Design